We are Dubbo's original CrossFit affiliate. Because of this, the usual crowd on any given day presents a great mix of more experienced athletes, and people who are just starting out.

The majority of us sit somewhere in the middle, and show up regularly for the social and community aspects.

This is one of the things that gets people hooked. Not only can everything be modified to suit your ability, but also everyone gets the same attention and encouragement, creating a great sense of camaraderie and achievement.

From day one, we have taken great pride in our community - it sets us apart from other gyms.
Every box has it’s own ethos and approach, but the basics are the same: to prepare for ‘not only the unknown, but also the unknowable’.

What has developed from this combination of movements, and eagerness to get fitter, is a strong and encouraging global community who pride themselves on cheering louder for the person coming last, than the person who finished first.

This is the attitude we live each and every day at CrossFit Dubbo. 

It is a community that helps each of it's members thrive. If this sounds like a place you would like to be, get started with our timetable and membership options.

We can't wait to meet you.



Duncan opened CrossFit Dubbo in 2012. In between managing the box and farming, Duncan gained a raft of coaching qualifications including CrossFit Level 1 Qualification, CrossFit Level 2 Coaches Prep Qualification, CrossFit Kids Qualification, Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 & 2, Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Fitness, Older Adults Trainer Certificate, Children Trainer Certificate, Group Fitness Trainer Certificate, Club Weightlifting Sports Power Coach, Bootcamp And Outdoor Group Fitness (Lvl1 & Lvl2) and Thump Advanced Instructor Course (Lvl1).

In 2017, Duncan placed 11th at the CrossFit Games in the Masters 50-55 division.



James started CrossFit as a way to challenge himself and improve his general fitness at the same time.

He attained his CrossFit Level 1 Qualification in 2018 to help other people better themselves and achieve their goals.

James is a great example of the community of CrossFit Dubbo. He is just one of a group of people who - in his words - not only work out together, but also genuinely support one another, and love to hang out outside of the box.